The future is here ... we know the history ... in 2007 Apple launched their first iPhone. Not only did the term smartphone became mainstream but the actual phone did as well.


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Since 21st April, 2015, Google has ranked responsive websites and mobile friendly sites higher in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In fact, on their developer pages,


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Have you become too busy to take care of business?

Recently, Search Engine Watch revealed that only 55% of businesses had a mobile friendly website.


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At Futuristic Apps we design and build responsive, mobile friendly websites using WordPress.

A well designed and maintained website is a must in today's digital marketplace.

If your site looks old and tired and is not mobile friendly, your customers will abandon you.

Is your current website losing you customers?


A Commitment to Service

We're a little bit different ... we believe that our success is tied to your success. At Futuristic Apps, we'll provide you a service while other web design companies will just sell you their websites.


We Listen to YOU

When we design, develop and build a responsive, mobile friendly website for you, we make sure you receive what your business needs, not what we think you want.


We're Affordable

Even though we're pedantic with attention to detail, our streamlined development process and know-how allows us to offer professional responsive website design at very competitive rates.



We specialise in designing and developing responsive, mobile friendly websites with WordPress. With its functionality and flexibility, your website can grow and expand with your business.



Content is still king. Unique content is sought after by your potential clients as well as all the search engines. Futuristic Apps can deliver creative and original copy for your website!


Website Maintenance

We can maintain and look after your website, making sure that WordPress, your theme and additional plug-ins are all up to date and your website is securely hosted.



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Contact Futuristic Apps Pty Ltd

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