WordPress Leads The Way ...

Mobile friendly websites don't seem to be a priority for many businesses. Have you become too busy doing business, instead of taking care of business?


No Mobile Friendly Websites

Recently, Search Engine Watch revealed that only 55% of businesses had a responsive, mobile friendly website. It gets worse ... 48% of mobile users that discovered your website is NOT mobile friendly quickly formed the opinion that you don't care about your business and 61% of mobile users will leave a website if it's not mobile friendly.

Today, more than ever, a responsive website design is a must for every business to provide the best possible service for their customers and to stay ahead of the competition!


Futuristic Apps Pty Ltd - WordPress leads the way when designing and building responsive, mobile friendly websites.


In Excess of 74,600,000 Websites

WordPress is number 1 and is perfect for building mobile friendly websites. It's known the world over as a mature and stable product with a full content management system (CMS). A WordPress responsive web design (RWD) is guaranteed to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for your customers. They will enjoy easy reading and navigation without having to resize, pan or scroll your content. Each page will look perfect whether it's on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Put simply, today's consumers will not accept a less than perfect mobile experience.



WordPress Leads The Way

Mobile Friendly Websites by WordPress

WordPress does all the hard work when it comes to delivering a mobile friendly experience for your customers ... regardless of what device they use to view your website.


Futuristic Apps Pty Ltd - Clients - St Marys Tyre and Wheel Centre - Responsive Trio


Futuristic Apps Pty Ltd - Clients - Munchies @ Midnight Pty Ltd - Responsive Trio


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