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“A blog ... I don’t have time to mess around writing stories.” “Social Media is a waste of time ... I’m far too busy to worry about that stuff.” Have you ever heard statements similar to these from a small business owner? Let’s be honest ... have you ever felt like that as well?


To Blog or NOT To Blog?

From a marketing perspective, should we have a blog attached to our website? Most definitely! It sends a message that you’re still in business and more importantly, you’re open for business. A blog also provides an additional medium to communicate with your customers and shows that you are willing to interact directly.

A compilation of well written articles in your blog is a great way of building rapport with your target market. With rapport comes trust, with trust comes brand loyalty. As your blog continues to grow, it becomes influential and a go to site within your industry or niche.

Over time, a blog that has built any kind of prominence will be shared and quoted by its customers and others. This building of quality inbound links to your website is loved by Google and very beneficial for your SEO.

Should you choose not to have a blog, it will be exceedingly problematic trying to attract authoritative links to your website.



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Can Social Media Be Worthwhile?

The short answer is ... YES!

Having an active social presence can help enhance your commitment to your customers’. It’s important to remember that social media content needs to be constructed differently to your blog content.

To capture the attention of your social media followers, your content needs to be condensed and grab hold of their interest immediately. You should use images that will blow them away and you had better be aware of how #hashtags work.


It Went Viral

Social media is a specialised area but when done right, the benefits can be colossal. Should you be lucky enough to create a viral posting, you could have tens of thousands of shares within hours. However, there is a downside ... social media traffic can dry up as quickly as it appeared.

In summing up, both blogging and a social media presence are essential for your business. On the other hand, don't try to compare the two ... think of the tale "The Hare and the Tortoise!"

Call Futuristic Apps and we will be more than happy to set up a blog on your website. We can even set up your social media accounts if needed.



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