Copywriting ... Are you getting YOUR message across?

Copywriting consistency will either maintain and increase your customer base or drive them away. Your website content says a lot in relation to how you conduct your business. Therefore, it’s imperative that your website is designed properly and doesn’t send mixed messages.


Copywriting Needs Planning and Checking

There’s a view that many businesses aren’t that interested in investing their time and effort into their digital marketing. Poor website design, duplicate and/or copied content, spelling mistakes and poor grammar can all lead to your visitor forming the opinion that you don’t care about your business.

This can relate directly to your sales. On business websites, 74% of internet users are conscious of spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s depressing, as 59% said they would not deal with a business that had such obvious spelling and grammatical errors on their website. How many sales could questionable content cost you?


Futuristic Apps can write memorable and distinctive copy for your website.

Content is Still King!

Content is KING, has been the catch cry of the search engine companies for years. We have been continually taught that well written and unique content is still the best, long term, SEO strategy.

Please be mindful, that depending upon your business or niche, your website could be competing against hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other sites with the same or very similar subject matter.

Your website copy is instrumental in forming a view for your visitors. Consistent writing throughout the entire website will help strengthen the message you want conveyed.

Contact Futuristic Apps right now it you want memorable and distinctive copy.



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Is YOUR Business Growing?

For your business to increase sales and remain competitive in today's marketplace, you need to have a mobile friendly website.

Increase YOUR sales with a mobile friendly website.

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