Website Maintenance

Website maintenance isn’t the usual topic of conversation once your brand new site is up and running. Well, it should be. Please bear in mind, a website is not a set and forget marketing tool for your business.

All search engine companies are constantly tweaking and updating their algorithms. This alone, is reason enough to keep your website well maintained.


What To Look For

What does it entail? Well, your website needs to perform at its best for your SEO strategy to be successful and effective. Broken links, an out of date theme or out of date plugins can all have an impact on your website.

Most importantly, for security purposes, your version of WordPress needs to remain current as there are constant developer updates. Regular website maintenance ensures that your site continues to function undamaged and in peak condition.


Futuristic Apps Pty Ltd - Website Maintenance

Become Worry FREE!

If you’re too busy to even think about maintaining your website, Futuristic Apps can take care of that for you. With a website maintenance plan it’s one less thing to be concerned about, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Ask Futuristic Apps how you can free-up more of your time.



Futuristic Apps Pty Ltd - Menu_Website Maintenance

Is YOUR Business Growing?

For your business to increase sales and remain competitive in today's marketplace, you need to have a mobile friendly website.

Increase YOUR sales with a mobile friendly website.

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